Only a year for each age!

I am 16 years old, which my brother was 12 years old, a Sunday,my father promised to take us to see the circus performances.However, the noon meal, suddenly came a phone call, is to findmy father, and that there is an urgent matter, he immediately wentto town to solve. Although we are disappointed, but still had to doto prepare to give up watching acrobatics.
balklänningar However, they heard the father Duizhuohuatong said: "No, no, Itied  
bröllopsklänning up, busy today, something's! Too, and so on, until Monday to say it!"

He returned to the table next to her mother smiled and said to him: "In fact, Circus has come back again next year played."

"I know," he replied, "but the 16-year-old only one year, will notcome again."

Many years later, I still remember that moment. And from that moment I felt warm and loved ones in love, is a never to beneglected, wasted or lost love. Now we all grown up! Feel goodgreat father, his selfless devotion of his life, for us to read! We are sick, which concern what, but also to buy medicine, they could not bear to eat well, to buy things we do best! Dad feels nice!


The story of shoes

I am reminded of a movie have seen,
billiga balklänningar
do not remember the name. Talking about Africa, a poor people's children, and her sister were wearing only a pair of shoes, whose turn it is to go to school, who gave shoes to wear, balklänningar it is a good point. Each sister took off his shoes to see for him, his heart is not a taste.The boy insisted to participate in school sports of running, because the prize is a pair of sports shoes. Since that strange combination of circumstances, he ran first, second shoes is to give the prize. The film's end, a child to stay in their own playground, holding first place prize - a basketball cap, saw the look. Lens to focus the eyes on the boy down, the film is over.
For a long time, how can forget the film. I do not know the boy a simple desire, or a pair of shoes are alone impressed me.Were small, there should be many such simple desire it, so simple not to mention adults, even mentioned, and adults will feel incredible. But for children, these simple wishes one by one, can make their own life's colorful. This may be the way all children go through stages of growing it.
I care about how a child is not quite shoes, because only one pair, no interchangeable. So I wear these shoes all day long, and small partners, like monkeys jumping up and down, trees on the river. Until his mother caught, forced to take off the brush, and their only law-abiding point, sitting in a small corner of a daze. Such a good mother obediently shoe brush, into sun basking, every moment you touch to see if the shoes did not.Probably at that time, I began to have a desire, if there are many, many shoes can be nice ah, wash a pair, you can then put on a pair, can be rerun at any time out, willing to go where the play where to play .
Shoes contains meaning. Home where there are young people to go out every time battles, helped pack up the family, always packed pair of clean shoes, placed upright luggage. Fact that no particular style of shoes, you can buy anywhere, you can go home or solemnly asked to bring young people. Listen to the elders say that this is a luxurious, just with a pair of shoes at home, like my heart tied to a wire, whether to the ends of the earth, will be thinking about life on the home.
Grow up, I gradually develop a habit of collecting shoes. Work is busy, do not have much time to go, but every time after a shoe store, the total can not help but stop, a pair of one pair to look at the past. From a pile of identical style shoes, pick out one pair of design ingenuity, and comfortable to wear shoes, and my heart there is always a great sense of accomplishment. If you have the opportunity to walk far, there are always going to the local shops to see if there is only sold in the local shoe will definitely buy it, as this trip is to travel there this shoe in a. Back, each saw these shoes, but also be able to remember when traveling to appreciate the customs.
Collection of shoes is not a creative thing, just a preference.Rare does not notice, holiday home, in addition to my cleaning, collection will be playing together for years about these shoes.One pair of one pair to turn out, one by one in order to open the balcony, colorful, just like the years drew a colorful figure, a record of their own through the place, shopped in the shop, went to the city, there was the mood. Almost all of the scenes, can pairs of shoes with a retrospect.
I do not care about the brand, most of the collection are often seen brand, even in part, is simply the hand-made, but the style and colors, sub-counters at the mall is a few hundred years on thousands of invisible . Buy this shoe, or in my possession, or as a gift to friends, friends are like them very much, as early as they usually forget how I laughed at this strange preference.
If what period of time empty, really want to take to put these stories to write about shoes, preferably written in fairy tale, fairy tales, like those handed down, as there are innocent children dream of. Still laughing while writing their own side, if it is Christmas, I put these shoes are hung up, then Santa Claus will give me exactly what pair of shoes into the yard of a gift it? Or, let me greedy little bar, he will not put my house every pair of shoes are filled with gift? Oh. To these gifts every year to be in earnest good work. I wish you all a happy holiday


Afraid of being asked when he got married yet?

Once the New Year. Themselves are no more than four years back home! Classmates and friends to ask, you are not forgotten us. I said no, is too busy! In fact, these are excuses. What can busythemselves with what! In addition to daily work is to sleep. Or theygo shopping 
 fact that he was just afraid to askmarried yet? Themselves do not know how to answer. Each saidtheir marriage finally one. Some people say that they do not cherish their own to ask ourselves what? Hey what is not their fatemay be right, so where their people have not! Sometimes you cannot even think if a person would rather marry their own. He is afraid to get married they do not know how to live. Hey. .


Happy Holidays!

I wish you all happy holidays!
balklänningar online
Recently I had a good cold sad!Voices have not changed, sad! Mom called to ask me!balklänningar Let meeat some medicinepay attention to exercise!Hey do not like to exercise their own ahyo!


To be a caring person!

Earth loversDo not eat a string of it? Beauty, eating a string of it! "He shouted necks.
Beauty would not look him directly away.
The Xinjiang kebabs hawkers back to the camera, said: "Why did not she dump me?"
He is Ali wooden doll, sold 300,000 Kebab support poor students.
Ali wooden doll fast forty time did not marry my wife, finally got married last year, girls younger than him twelve years old, looks beautiful, but also 
A college student, along with his kebabs. He loved a joke with the wife, I asked him what his wife finally had a feeling, he stared at his wife
Look, hey laugh, joke and not want to, but not really wait any longer, "Such a wife ... ... and then you can have it!"
Wife faint smile, but also embarrassed angry.
He Gouzhuo head, eyes straight aim at his wife's face, while saying: "I told her the marriage is to be your friends, do not end if unwanted
Her! "
His wife a black face, stood up and walked into the back room.
I laughed, "saying that big, right?"
Take his eye brow smell of urine, "all right, all right, little girl."
Not over two seconds, running out of patience, and his wife entered the room to pull out, hey music. Not that nice, just after the clutch
Rice's major oil and hand, the girl's curly silly to tuck behind the ears, a small volume fell, and tuck, fall, and tuck.He said these are not sad, do not feel bitter, bitter that he ate too much. Living in the coal shed, and never feel lonely too, because
Every day thinking about how to live, do not know what is alone.

He took me to eat a small jelly shop, all these years he is the bread and jelly every day, could not bear to eat halal restaurant, a long time,
Also eat the spicy.
Eaten for so many years to release a 30 dollar buffet, he went to eat a meal, the second to go,
"What is the reason you think?"
"Education. If one day I have money, then I must use all the money on education."
So he began to donate money. He helped the people are children, who almost did not because of the poor children of the future. Earn not sell a bunch of meat
To Threepenny, selling over 300 000 mutton, earned one hundred thousand, helped 180 children in Guizhou.
He said that driving through another ten years, earn a million, to build a left-behind children in rural schools. "Old on the street to see the children not in school,
Followed by a group of people fighting trouble, they grow up, what will become, and certainly not a legitimate one. Be a matter for them,

Of. "
"Some people may say, a hawker selling mutton string, it can help many people, but to their own lives have been sacrificed
, And how do you see these things? "
"I do not think I sacrificed anything, I feel very happy." He replied.

He helped children Yong, then if not, he has no money for treatment, no hope, now a high school student, the child
To see him, making his stomach, "uncle you a lot of fat."
"Married 20 kg of fat." He was very pleased to touch, while hand-pilaf for us to eat, sweet raisins died.
I like to see him stand far point barbecue, smoky, small whistle blew soon fly up, my wife took a while to spa
Water feed to the mouth of a little water, he said: "I am most happy is the kebabs."
"Is the baking process, or the music, or people coming and going?"
"Is the baking process."
"Over and over again is not it?"
"Hey," he said, "can not tell, anyway, very happy, occupational disease."
A small doll, big eyes, with the mother to buy a five string mutton, not eating, so that mother to eat, her mother said: "Every day to come to this
Children can not buy. "
billiga balklänningar
I said why did you come here.
He rushed to see his little girl wink, shy grin, said, "I like him."Hey, is that no matter what he is
Years, the children will like the adults, is that in fairy tales, folk songs, the color of the painting will appear in the beard of the surface
Good big guy, he looks really can be directly attached to the doll in their book. For such people, not so much moral, as
That pure humanity.
Or child who know him, grew up in a caring person to do!


And cold!

Up in the morning and a cold, eat some medicine feeling the effectis not enough, a friend said ginger drink Coke!Going to get some  they do not know how to engage in, or check it online, balklänningar and hope that their good cold breakfast up!

Merry Christmas!YE

Festivals it! Good fun yo! He and I go out shopping! I am not surehe is not only his life! Really hope he is to accompany his whole life.
billiga balklänningar
  But he told me to ask yourself so well, I should marry him do,but only know, I think it should be understood to say it!


Merry Christmas! So happy!

Today a holiday! Mom called again the hehe! Let us not too busy! To get out more! YE plan out of the sun and then buy apair of  balklänningar
Hee hee bought to
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eat it!


Tomorrow through Christmas Eve it! YEYE!

Evening of December 24, and refers to the Christmas Eve http://www.balklanningaronline.com/category-63-b0-S%C3%A4rskilda+tillf%C3%A4llen+Kl%C3%A4nningar.html, specifically December 24 all day, but due to the general festive atmosphere at night is easy to mobilize large-scale activities are concentrated in the evening, the solid is called Christmas Eve, is more appropriate. By then, millions of Europeans and Americans to get home to teach in the reunion. Christmas Eve celebration is a party essential. Most of the reunion of family members at home in Europe, together dinner, then sitting around the fireplace burning, playing music and singing, the table of their grandchildren; or hold a spectacular costume party, Christmas Eve is celebrated throughout the night a happy, peaceful, carnival of Christmas Eve, reunion night. Looking forward to the arrival of Christmas, said Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will quietly prepare gifts to the children placed in stockings


Recently super good mood!

Recently his mood is always more fun! Want to love the cause of all the success! And his appointment to the dialogue section of the church.UGG shoes Hope that we first met, will be forever!
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Good fast festive mood

For the holiday I like! Because Chinese New Year atmosphere is good, lively, full of fireworks out of class, made ​​me feel beautiful! I also like many people, but this is his life two years, someone finallysaid this out to play with me, and good fun yo! YE



Sometimes I think when the arrival of their love it! Good looking it!Like I could be like being in love with married people, not to lovenot only
balklänningar the result.


I am very pleased!

Although very busy the last few days feel! balklänningar But feeling good. Slowlylooked at his site is doing well, my heart could not help but happy!Hope that their business is getting better and better site, I hope you lot to pay attention! Thank you!


Today I feel good!

Up particularly good mood this morning! Out of the window the sunshines! Feel so comfortable yo!

Random mood!

Today, nothing to pack his things and found that many did notwash their clothes. Many found their two-shoes. Do women like to buy shoes? Moving time. People thought I was selling shoestangle it! Hee hee! However, I recently wanted to buy a pair ofsnow shoes, cotton, comfortable to wear warm winter thing!


What Christmas gift to send a girlfriend?

2011 Christmas is coming, offers customers thousands of giftsChristmas gifts, Christmas gifts for your selection. SendChristmas gifts to different people of different nature. Christmasthe gifts then? Sent to his girlfriend, her boyfriend is naturally the most romantic to send a Christmas gift. bröllopsklänning
, colleagues,students get what is good Christmas gift? You can get UGG shoes popular in recent years. When the equipment bags and the like of which. What sort of get the best Christmas gift yet. Send their children for Christmas, will have to send one of the mostmeaningful gift. And send their parents, elders sent a number ofhealth care products on the best. In short, the best and send aspecial Christmas gift, had a most happy Christmas. WhatChristmas gifts to send, what to send Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts to send his girlfriend what is always a problem, in fact, as long as you express your mind like a


You want a pair of shoes, I'll give you a pair of socks

Christmas Eve, has more than 11 pm, the street crowds thin a lot, occasionally hurried home to catch people walking in the neon overlooking the festival under the thick atmosphere. The new year also came!
"Thank God, today's business is really good!" James busy day off the last couple of shoe stores where shoppers come after  Road. Brightly lit by the lights, you can clearly see that brow couple of excitement and joy.
Closing time, and Mrs. James began doing skilled work cleaning the shop, Mr. James to the door, ready to remove the door Quban morning. He suddenly in full bloom in a glass cabinet with all kinds of shoes and stopped before - through the glass, he found a pair of child's eyes.
Mr. James quickly walked over Kangezixi: This is a poor boy picking up coal dust, a girl of eight-year-old scene, ragged and very thin, red with cold feet wearing a pair of very large shoes inappropriate, full of soot the shoes have been "disastrous." He saw Mr. James approached her, his eyes begins with cupboard work fine shoes away, staring at the shoe store owner, his eyes full of a sense of hope.
Mr. James leaned over to kindly approached and said: "Merry Christmas, my dear child, what can I help you busy?" Boy and silent, his eyes began to turn to wipe cupboard shiny shoes, quite a while to be said: "I beg God has given me the right pair of shoes, sir, you help me put this desire to convey to him?" James is pack up his wife also came over when she first looked at this child up and down a lot, and then her husband aside and said: "This child is very poor, or agreed to his request, right?" Mr. James shook his head, and said harshly: "No, he do not need a pair of shoes, my dear Please you the best cupboard brought one pair of socks, and then fetched a basin of warm water, okay? "James, his wife walked away puzzled face.


UGG shoes worn should be noted

  In fact, as long as the law's attention through the usual attention to cover up with bags, personal hygiene maintenance, inner hairdirty or difficult. Fold is not recommended to expose the inner hair snow boots to wear.
If you have folded up the habit ofwearing the best boots in the home to turn back the original lookto place, because the toes when walking off India and parts of the fold and India are the most obvious sign of aging, the twoparts of the plot easy to dust, often also to hold up to therelease, pay special attention to maintain it.


UGG snow boots fashion collocation

    Ugg shoes today said that the two match, again give us more UGG snow boots collocation information, you can also go to our UGG snow boots with the page look, find you love that collocation method. Today, UGG will give you presents some allow you to talent showing itself allows you to be the focus of attention of the trend of UGG with, want to see? Ha-ha. Want to see you don't go away, take a look at them. The seemingly silly cartoon appearance but swept the Eurasian land, all over the world have sweep a popular wind. Adapted to the human physiological needs. Slim black pencil pants with the same black
Black Short Ugg boots, don't worry will not see boots, although the same is black, but because the cowboys and flanging texture is different, still have great differences. The utility is not error-prone by law is to choose the UGG UGG5825 classic ladies boots with a slightly loose indigo jeans would look at ease, for leisurely like MM, the comfortable feel incomparable, so leisurely that free and easy in your show. Once the scrub clean shoes, snow boots can be put into the washing machine for a few minutes and drying to remove excess moisture on the boots. Coat with a simple long vest can, brown chanel bags, you can add a lot of momentum, hairy ball decorative knitted cap and sunglasses also let you star flavor.? Ugg snow boots with how to be more tide, a lot of people will be asked questions, since want to wear will want to wear good-looking, wear out of the ordinary, to show their own personality. Want to have sense of star, must have a major suit style, then dress up to concise and effect.