Diamond ring how to care for

One not wearing a diamond ring, be sure to carefully rotate the jewelry box

    Diamond jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratches caused by friction with other jewelry.

    (3) the use of chlorine bleach should avoid wearing the ring it will not damage the diamond, but may result in the bottom bracket to withstand diamond color.

    Do heavy work, menial work, it should avoid wearing the diamond ring.

    Trusted jeweler cleaning diamond rings.

    Annually professionals check your ring, to see whether the tooth foot mosaic is still strong. Solid, hook pull phenomenon.

    Do a value appraisal for your diamond ring and then add your personal property insurance column.

    Although diamond worn in the finger above the suction of the eye, but if you want your diamond is forever dazzling, or it needs care. Diamond pro-oil characteristics, it should not take the diamond to the kitchen to do things, not wearing a bathing easy filth. At the same time, although the diamond hard but very brittle, so we can not use it to make a strong collision.

    Maintenance diamond ring: diamond jewelry in the detergent (warm water detergent solution can be), diamond soak for half an hour, then scrub brush, and then rinse with water, and finally wiped away with a fine gauze. Can return when they can not clean our free cleaning, renovation.

    PT950 ring circle and the object friction in the wear process, a long time will become flowers, but they do not confront formidable obstacles that things will not be obvious, the ring is less tough action material (platinum section), diamond touch less oil can be a week available detergent, warm water solution to soak for 20-30 minutes, washed with water wash can be


And landscape the perfect combination of different location to clever with the wedding dress

The best qualities of the love story

Per couple in love habitats are often started at the park, once passed through the trail left the witness of your love, so that the wedding photos to record the moment you love it! Roadside rest of the bench under the tree you like the plot of the Indus, the recollection of your love, memories, whether the fields are green and graceful or spring flowers are blooming, here is the closest to nature, outing mood, green
surrounded human beauty hidden in the city, if you yearn for the natural beauty, whether it is Which parks, green spaces are shooting locations.

Particular about dress styles to choose from: plain scene, the wedding brings a rustic sense, the main choice of wedding dress in a concise style, light and easy to walk to the best style, the short section of the dress, the colors do not need to be too colorful suitable for shooting in any scene, the bride to show the full front of the camera.

Return to a child's dream world

A childlike, to feel completely at ease in the playground, all the happy memories and here, where can find the most romantic madding crowd, rich color is another feature of the playground, the colorful world filled with eye every shot a great perspective, carousel, Ferris wheel characteristics, when the game device of the wedding dress and naughty when combined action of a static perfect fit, meditating, Tong kept on to do back big girls small woman.

Dress styles to choose from stress: is a need to run, jump venue, a short section of the wedding dress is naturally the preferred dress style on the details of embellishment, a large area of ​​flowers, lace are to return to the childlike focus, due to are the views of the particularity of the site, every corner of the large areas of color, dress, try just one kind of color, with recreational facilities color-coded. The childlike ornament is in line with the dress the necessary props, and clothing to increase the overall sense, the more occasional.

Conversion time and space city

No country can enjoy the exotic is the reason many couples choose the film base and likes to try new things and new people here can enjoy shooting the unique style of the international construction group, a taste of a different era architectural style, in various years between The free shuttle, only a few minutes.

Particular about dress styles to choose from: Whether you choose what kind of film base as the shooting venue, Puff skirt, exaggerated ornaments must have the site open only big skirt and a long tail wedding dress can hold up the needs of such a scene, the embodiment of old Shanghai lady, or the streets of London danced the tango dancers, each a magnificent turn of the ghost of you come into the lens.


Valet av bruden att bära en bra siffra av kroppen skulptera underkläder

Lång-bust forma underkläder

Längden på denna typ av organ skulptera underkläder om hip intermediär, lämplig för överkroppen och underkroppen andel och kropp längre bär med trosan bättre.
Axelbandslös formning underkläder
För vissa överkroppen designen enkel axelbandslös brudklänning, avslöjade i bröstet linjerna markerar byxorna kroppen disposition att bära vanliga underkläder kan vara.balklänningar online
Den Nagatsuka Bysten är en byst av en vanlig kopp botten kan buken, ryggen fett och överflödigt fett koncentrerad till bröstet. En annan strapless långa byst, roll att justera buken, midjan fett, prestanda kurvan, som vanligtvis används med en sexig klänning.

Är uppdelad i långa trosa, trosa och kort trosa, främst för dräkten bör noteras att Slim kvällen val av byxor sida för att mjukt mönster stil, för att undvika avslöjande underkläder spår av andlighet i slutet av kvällen. i linje med den modifierade underkroppen från midjan utvidgas till buken, höfter och lår, måttlig trosa förbättra lår att stötta upp höfterna och minska fettet på markeringen intrycket att fler unga, mycket energisk.
Det finns några relativt sällsynta i landet funktionella kroppen skulptera underkläder, främst eftersom asiater är relativt liten och nätt kroppsbyggnad, var stark spänning inte i majoritet. Men eftersom funktionaliteten är relativt stark, kan fortfarande användas för att göra lektionerna.http://www.balklanningaronline.com/category-99-b0-Asymmetrisk+Kl%C3%A4nningar.html
Fordonstyp organ skulptera underkläder
Gördel, byst, Shuku tre samlade tillsammans kan bröst, midja och höfter av tre delar av linjer korrigeras, är kurvan mer framträdande, särskilt för den genomsnittliga formen av kroppen brud. Numera många brudar gillar att bära Slim slank bröllop eller ett huvud klänning tillsammans med en justering form underkläder sömlös match.
Standard kroppskonturering underkläder


Evening dress 2013 star Film Festival in early spring wardrobe must-have printed trousers

Has issued 2013 spring vacation series brand watch, printing continues to be

important elements of popular in this season. This print wave instead of being

weakened, but become more crazy. Walking in the forefront of popular you printed

trousers absolutely 2013 spring must-have items in your wardrobe. Counting a number of brands for you printed trousers LOOK as worn on the reference, 2013 in early spring, let us continue to "spend" up!


How to select the version Slim wedding

Breast shape

    Whether it is the wedding or dress Xiongxing, is the most important. General wedding - draping, the breast shape with the P-type pieces, cut out. Some wedding taking into account the size of our Oriental plus chest paste. Chest paste is not the key, the key is the upper part of P-type is not full, do not empty, not a turtle into the room. Fish bones of some elegant wedding will hold to this position, but this is useless, because between the two fish bone can not be concave. Also, the Bra-style wedding to pay attention to fit and chest.http://www.balklanningaronline.com


    Lumbar type of version

    This part is very important. MM often will ask a Bra wedding to the following out how to do? In fact, in the choice of this style of wedding dress, waist income how particularly important. Waist if is completely fit, the fabric of the chest can be very up, clothes, how will not go below out. Type version of the waist should also consider these points: a short waist, long waist. If your waist type is long, and to consider the modification of the short waist, short waist to consider using the V-shaped cuts Slim.


    See skirt

    In general skirt: tail, small A, wrinkle, palace-style tail. The skirt is good or bad the bride is the ratio. Fishtail wedding dress, the lines of the hips and skirt valgus part is very important, handled well, will make the bride looked very tall http://www.balklanningaronline.com/goods-7064-Costura+Kollektion+2012+Brudkl%C3%A4nningar+onlinebutik+i+Sverige+B007064.html#.T9Sikpj4eaI


Beautiful wedding dress with a suitable wedding shoes

Fashion Collection 2012 Brudklänningar onlinebutik i Sverige B007093


For the temptation of the trend, I believe who do not resist the law, therefore, the outbreak with a surprise wedding in the frequent changes in all kinds of styles of shoes on board the wedding halls of simple or complex, wrapped or bare to do with each preferences and the applicable selection.


Broad shoulders bride how to choose the wedding dress

A collar is the key to the success of broad shoulders beauty dress
The neckline shape can affect the visual perception of the shoulder. The big v-neck is the best style of the beauty of broad shoulders,
Extension by v-neck line of sight, cleverly hide the shortcomings of live broad shoulders.
2, u collar, deep u neck can "cut a shoulder
u consular neck exposing an open area and fresh Ministry slender, narrowed shoulders naturally. Silk texture of the coat feel good, is also an excellent drape, collar large u the effective modification of the broad shoulders defects, neck decorated with flowers both decorative, but can not ignore its full significance.

3, the pattern is relatively small shirt collar must be open
Dense dots or small floral pattern, very fancy fashion, the broad shoulders of the people must choose a more open neckline style, so as not to seem more sturdy shoulders. Dense dots seem to feel more dense, if the collar airtight, make the upper body of the proportion of heavier; large v neck design, the collar space to start to balance the wide shoulder line.

4, dark T-shirt has the effect of shrinking shoulder
The choice of color should also consider the dark lines, with the effect of convergence, wide shoulders no longer frown. Black of course not the only choice, but it must be one of the best choice; suspected upper body color is too dark, with Article Huaqun, so that you can decorate a beautiful and correct.

5, the chic design of the hem to shift the focus
Colorful and eye-catching T-shirt, specially designed clothes in the chest line should choose the best in the hem at some creative people want to not pay attention to is immune.
Bayliy Flört Bal Klänningar 2011 Flört Slinky satin slida med sopa tåg, V-remmar Bal Klänningar 2011
6, the characteristics of the T-shirt will make people completely forget the broad shoulders
The chic design, the fancy design ... as long as the sight of able people firmly attracted on the line.